text files

How do I convert a text file into a Delphi database???
A *.txt file to a *.db/dbf file.
I'm a beginner in Delphi and I've accessed every possible Delphi book I could lay my hands on, but with no luck.
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One option is to copy the textfile into an Excel-sheet, and there save the file as a Dbase-file.

If not, you could probably make a brand new database, and make some routines for putting data from the textfile into this database.


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What does the text file look like. Can you paste a few lines so we can see what we are up against.

traceysmallAuthor Commented:
Thanks Batalf - I can't believe that I didn't think of that.....
should note that borlands www site has a ti that tells you how to pogrammatically convert a text file to a paradox file, and another on using the ascii bde driver

this from a previous question (hint: the new ee search engine can often save you points :))

If you really want to use a database drive with you .txt file, here is the borland TI explaining the ascii driver:


there is also a TI on converting ascii files to paradox:



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