W2K Hardware Compatibility Failure

I cannot set up win2000 on my PC. I've run the ms win2000 hardware compatibility analyzer , and it says my motherboard (asus P5a, bios 1010 beta) and video card (CL TNT 1 16mb) have an incompatibility.
What's the next step? Must I buy new hardware/sacrifice a goat to Bill Gates/ give up totally on win2000?
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Tony_LaneAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
The next step I will do is check the websites from my motherboard to see if the are updates for my motherboard-bios.

Maybee there is also a new driver (if there is already a new driver)

Adam LeinssServer SpecialistCommented:
I was using Creative Labs Riva TNT 16 MB PCI card under Windows 2000 without any troubles?
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Adam LeinssServer SpecialistCommented:
From NT game palace, the issues I found regarding the Asus P5A motherboard:

(Yes means it's compatible with Windows 2000)

Asus P5A Motherboard and Riva TNT2 AGP Card (Asus) Yes W2000 01/00
Beware this combination...when running an upgrade attempt from Win9X, the setup will detect this and not allow you to continue. A clean install is possible, but the system will hang, and then you must boot in VGA mode, then switch to the NT Detonator drivers, eliminating any 3D support. This may be a problem with the Aladdin5 chipset...

Asus P5A B (Asus) Yes W2000 08/99
Works fine with AMD K6-2 333 except Win 2000 setup claims onboard audio will not be supported. Once installed, harware profiles indicate a problem with audio device, but sound in games, media player works fine.

A check on deja.com, however, shows ACPI (power management) problems with the Asus P5A (see http://x23.deja.com/[ST_rn=ps]/getdoc.xp?AN=571810952&CONTEXT=949460025.1084489750&hitnum=23 and et al)

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Tony_LaneAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the research. In all honesty I might put Win2000 install off until after my next hardware upgrade: the angst isn't worth the potential gains. I'm using W98se and it works okay... but I'd like a real mutitasking O/S, and added stability would be nice
Adam LeinssServer SpecialistCommented:
Windows 2000 is nice.  For example, I run a K7-700 with 256 mbs of RAM.  Windows 9x doesn't really handle anything above 128 Mbs and is known to leak memory.  Under Windows 2000, this does not happen to me.  Not one BSOD yet!  Mind you, applications have crashed, but they don't take down the system and are handled more elegantly.  The next consumer version of Windows, Whistler, will be based on NT technology.  Windows 2000 was suppose to be the next of kin, but MS didn't think it was ready and thus announced Millenium in April of this year.
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