Using Viruscan on suspected PC

I'd like to detect virus in my PC. But, my antivirus software is too old. Oh, yes, I need a new version, and I'd like to use NAI Viruscan v4.x.x (for 95) on my PC. But, I'm not sure wheather my PC has already infected or not. Moreover, the program cannot be used in DOS mode. It MUST be installed under windows 95 before you can use.

How can I check up my PC in this case?
What else do I need?
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Sawadee!! hehe.. I believe that it doesn't matter whether your PC has already been infected or not, the scanner will detect and/or clean it anyway as long as the virus definition is up-to-date. As for the DOS part, i'm not really sure whether you are trying to scan your system thru DOS or windows. I don't recall if NAI does scan in DOS, but I'm currently using AVP and it does DOS scanning, and I believe it's better than norton and NAI... well just a thought.. !!
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If you'd like to test your system before the install, Mcaffee has a system  where you can scan for viruses online:
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All the virus scanners that I have used will allow you to create some type of rescue disk.  Once created you put the floppy in and reboot.  Once it loads it will do an initial scan and then ask you to take the floppy out and reboot.  All clear to install.
As said by snifong all the good packages ship with bootable floppy disks, the more popular magic bullet from Doctor Sols is an excellent example, just put it in the drive and it does everything for you !! worth spending the money on it!
if you can manage to create a bootable disk yourself, the best virus software I have ever found can be had free at

download and extract it to a folder on your drive

3 programs
---f-prot.exe  scan when you want type of program which will find all viruses, maliscious files not recognized by the virus database, corrupted files, and more.
---setupfm.exe sets up the f-macrow program which scans for macro viruses. is a zip file which will extract the setup files for f-stop which is the constant scanner.

I could provide a million reasons why this program is better than most but the best way to see why is to use it.

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You probably don't even have to upgrade your current package, just download the updated virus definitions(these are usually free) from the manufacturer's web site. They date back pretty far, so they probably have the updates for yours even if it's a few years old. Once you do this, just rescan your hard drives, and it'll find/clean any viruses you may have. If however, you're determined to get a better package, most packages won't install(at least NAV) unless your system is clean(no viruses). So before it installs it'll do a preliminary scan, in DOS mode, and if it finds any it'll clean them, before installing the program. Hope that helps
vipatAuthor Commented:
I ask this question because I've just use only Mcafee v 3.xx (for DOS) before, and there is no up-to-date virus datafiles updates. So, installing new anti-virus software under win95 on my system may not work since if may be already infected.

Maybe, the things I want is only up-to-date anti-virus program which can be used under DOS. (But, I really don't know where I can get it.)

I've use F-PROT, the program which 1cell mentioned, and found no virus infected. IMHO, there is no virus in my PC at this time.
Thanks, 1cell. :)
if f-prot told you no viruses, no maliscious files, etc.  you don't have any.

Thanks for the C
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