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I just purcased a 19" KDS monitor...Problem is that some games change to 640 by 480 full screen for graphics, this change results in the screen displaying an out of range message. Also, after I manually change the setting to 640/480 the problem still occurs??? This would not be a bother other than I plan to purchase a new v/card soon and most of the specs of these cards post frequency ranges beyond this monitors specifications.
Is there a way to manually modify my card to override this??
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Either obtain a monitor profile for your screen or Use a monitor profile that windows provides for low spec monitors.

This can be changed by at the main windows screen, Rclick/properties/settings/advanced/monitor then work you way through to select a standard Super Vga driver with specs similar to the monitor you have.

You can also tune the max desired refresh rate from this location

(the paths may differ slightly depending on what OS and video card you currently have installed)

When this is done, your new video card will work only at these settings.

If this option is unsuitable to you,i can post information on a utility called "Powerstrip" that allows you to tweak every screen mode on the machine ie: d3d, opengl.
Very powerful but its not a simple solution.



Thanks goes to you sir.
Problem was solved. 8)

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