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What does the term modularisation mean?  How is it used to make program design easier, what problems does it cause, and what different types of modularisation are there?

Hope someone can help  :)

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I think it means making the program in units (Modules) each module to solve a specified problem.

Modularisation means to divide your program into modules or simply procedures or functions. In this way, you will be able to reuse them later whenever you need them without having to retype and redefine them. Futhermore, designing your program using modular approach will enable the different sections of code easier to maintain and change without affecting the entire program.

How is it used? Example you will have a procedure to do all the generation of random numbers. In this way, whenever you need to produce random numbers, you will simply call this procedure.

Programs caused? Actually, I cannot think of much problems. The only setback of using too many functions or procedures in a program will make the flow of the program ambiguous. This is true especially for beginners. They just cannot figure out which line of the program source code will be run after the current running procedure ends. Despite of this, programs are strongly encouraged to be desgined using modular approach. Pros out-weigh the cons.

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gnvqadvAuthor Commented:
What are the different types of Modularisation?
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