Win98 won't instsall--DLL error msg.

I amtrying to install Win98 on a system I put together from parts. (Older Pentium 90). I started with a formatted hard drive. Ater booting with a win98 disk I made from THIS computer (i.e., different hardware), I tried to install win and after I enter the OEM number, I ge teh following message:

SUWIN caused a General Protection Fault in PIDGEN.DLL at 0001:3F2C

So I installed Win95 instead and THEN tried again to do the upgrade, but I get the same message.

Also as a side note, when I installed Win95, or some reason when I boot now it looks for the CD ROM drivers on theboot disk. How do I change that?
Again, this is a boot disk made from the better computer and a different CD rom.  I don't have a driver disk for the CDrom for the system I'm building.
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I would suggest checking to see if you have any third party disk utilities running, previous memory managers or an on disk BIOS (eg: compaq Bios and utilities)
This is what Microsoft has to say.  The numbers do not match up but it may point you in the right direction.  Hope it helps.


When you install Windows 98, you may receive the following error message when you type your Product Key and then click OK:

Application Error
SUWIN caused a General Protection Fault in module PIDGEN.DLL @ 0001:5F2C

MSGSRV32 caused an General Protection Fault in PIDGEN.DLL

This behavior may also occur if you start your computer with a Windows 98 Startup disk and then try to install Windows 98 from CD-ROM, or if you attempt to view your hardware configuration using the System Information Tool.

This behavior can occur for either of the following reasons:

You are running Setup from the floppy disk version of Windows 98 and you typed the incorrect Product Key.

Your computer's date is set incorrectly.

To resolve this issue, use the appropriate method:

Incorrect Product Key
Type the correct Product Key or, if you have misplaced your Product Key, contact Microsoft Technical Support to obtain the correct Product Key for Windows 98.

Incorrect Date
Reset you computer's date to the correct date. To do so, follow these steps:

Windows 95:

Click Start, point to Settings, click Control Panel, and then double- click Date/Time.

Adjust the date to the correct date, and then click OK.

MS-DOS Prompt:

At the command prompt, type date, press ENTER, type the correct date, and then press ENTER.

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Microsoft has an article that deals with this at gist of it is:

-You are running Setup from the floppy disk version of Windows 98 and you typed the incorrect Product Key.

-Your computer's date is set incorrectly.

I've seen this myself once;it was due to the date being set to 2199.
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Does your bios allow you to boot from your Cd rom after A drive. If so try booting directly from WIn 98 CD
I'd bet money on the incorrect date scenario mentioned by hewittq and mattcei....

I've seen it also when the PC's bios date is set WAY out there. (2099-2199)
I think none of those who have tried to answer your question or for that matter guys from Microsoft will agree with me, but this problem can happen if your processor and the settings on the mother-board don't match.
Also try the following:
Enter the CMOS setup,
Select Advanced CHIPSET Features
and note down the currunt settings.
Then set the settings for that page to setup / BIOS defaults.
save the changes and reboot the machine.
I think This Should Solve the Problem!

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One of the options you can try is after installing Win95, copy win98 directory from Win98 CD and run setup from the HDD. (Or boot from the floppy with DOS CD-ROM drivers and copy using DOS - will save you Win95 installation time)
wavking ???
wavkingAuthor Commented:
I know I graded this already.  Something's going on...
Anyway, it was the date. Bad non-Y2K bios.  But all I had to do was change it while in windows, and then install. Bingo Bango.
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