Networking MAC's and PCs On NT server

A simple question, how easy, and what is needed to network Mac's and Pc's using an NT server?

The more info/links the better, Please.
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I cant begin to tell you how many times ive answered this same Q..hehe.

Anyway you will want 1 of 2 different pieces of software depending on what you think will work best for your network. Youll want to get Dave from ...Or youll want PCMacLAN from ....I have personal experience with Dave and found it to be quite useful. The other option which i dont have alot of experience in is installing Macintosh Services on the NT and using it as an Appleshare server. Obviously appleshare is a cinch on the macs but i dont know the exact setup for NT. You could also make life really easy and set up an FTP server on your NT and simply ftp fromthe client machines to the NT. Then all you need is 1 copy of an ftp/web server for the NT and all clients regardless of platform will be able to connect to it without extra client software. FTP is usualy faster at transferring files as well.

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gids_wAuthor Commented:
Just a quick further question, and the points are yours.

What Hardware will I need for the MAC, ie NIC(i think i'ts an Imac of some description, I'ts been described to me as being a pretty colour), and is the hardware easy to install?


To be honest I have enough NT/Pc experience to do it in my sleep, but Mac's I have no experience of, I cant believe it would be that much diferent.
You dont need anything for the iMac. It has built in 10/100Base-T ethernet. All macs have shipped with ethernet with the exception of some of the performas and the very early LCs. Just plug the ethernet in and yer set.
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