How to copy a Notes database on a CD rom?

Do you know how to copy a Notes database on a CD rom so that it still can be reached (the same as if it was on a server)?
I think the procedure to do this is not so complicated, but I am new to Lotus Notes and I can't find any info on the topic.
Thanks in advance!
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Depends a bit where the CD is.  If it's on your local PC, I think you can just create a local replica (or copy) of the database, copy it onto the CD using Windows Explorer or whatever.  Then go to your workspace at Notes and say Ctrl-O to open a new database.  At the bottom where the file name is, there is also a "browse" button.  If you click this you should be able to browse to the location of the CD and find the database replica there.  I have never tried this, but it should work.  Of course the database won't be able to replicate once it's on the CD so it doesn't really matter if it's a replica of the existing database or a new copy.

Be aware that if you burn the cd and then use it on another computer you will not be able to use the database on the cd, you will have to copy it locally, and then turn off the read only checkbox.  To do this, right click on the file and at the bottom you will see the checkbox.
Agree on Reeds Suggestion.

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Reed is right. Burning it to Cd is good for archiving only.
Hmm - it is my understanding that R5's ODS 41 will support reading databases directly from a CD.

Icos - I believe that supporting your request is version specific.  What version of Notes client do you intend to read the resulting CD?  (Please note I've narrowed the focus to the Notes client not to the Domino server as the CD can be created through the client and more importantly, it is the client's burden to read the CD.)

If the client is R4 - I fully agree with comments already posted regarding the CD being an archive media (not helpful for accessing the file directly from the  CD).

If the client is R5, you can distribute databases directly from CD.  You will want to make sure that all view indexes are fully built (manually built by opening each view or built all at once through the server's UPDALL task) before copying the nsf file to the CD.  If you choose to build the views using the server's UPDALL task, use the syntax "load updall <dbfilepath> -C" to build all unused views.  Once all view indexes are created the file can be copied to the CD via the OS or CD-tool *or* replicated/copied directly to the CD if your CD drivers support this.

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re: Building all views
Oh yeah -- this can also be accomplished directly from the client.    Open the database and use SHIFT+CTRL+F9.
icosAuthor Commented:
Dear rfharris,

Your answer seems to be right (even with version 4.5), although I still had some problems regarding reading a few folders in the database on CD. I guess these faults are just a result of not following the right pocedure, however.


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