Free ISP for RedHat Linux 6.1

Is there any free ISP for RedHat Linux 6.1 ? ( like Netzero for Win95 )
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toneusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
normally an ISP is connected by a PPP-connection. This connection is a standard one. It's not OS-dependant. You should be able to setup a PPP connection to any ISP (free or not).
By the way, which country are you in?

The problem normaly is that the ISP gives you a complete package to install on a PC. Neglect it. Just create a new PPP, using the phonenumber and user-id/passwd.

And setup a browser with the correct Proxy/FTP/settings.

That should do it.

(An ISP should not be checking OS-es!, Because TCP/IP is OS independant, and TCP/IP is what is used for internet over your PPP)
Hope it helps! If not let me know.

vaamiAuthor Commented:
I live in Manchester, CT (U.S.A.). I can connect to AT&T worldnet services using a PPP-connection. I was looking for free ISP's like Netzero or Altavista. These display an ad-banner to give you free internet connection. Cannot connect to them using a ppp-connection. Please help.
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