Dynamic IP addressing

Is there any way to set up NT server assigned dynamic IP addressing when using Linux on client.  I'm trying to configure Linux client - Redhat 6.1.  Install went perfectly - ethernet card is recognised - on netcfg eth0 is active, but can't access web.

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basicaAuthor Commented:
That's way too complicated - I dont understand it.  Is there no simple way of configuring this Linux client to get a dynamic IP address from my NT server?

This is not very comlicated:

DHCPcd configuration under RedHat 5.0+ is really easy. All you need to do is start the Control Panel by typing


Then select "Network Configuration" and under ethernet (usually eth0) interface define DHCP as your protocol. Other parameters should be left blank.

After this reboot your system and post the output if ifconfig pls.
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