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I am about to start a Java project.  Our app server will be webLogic and there will be a team of about 5 doing concurrent development.

We are looking at Visual Age or  Visual Cafe as a development environment.  I have heard that Visual Cafe may be light on handling a multi-developer environment.

I am looking for input as pros and cons of each or possibly even other product suggestions.  Points awarded to most valuable input.
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There are full up to date ratings of all windows development environments for Java and other languages here:

Visual Age and JBuilder come out better than Visual Cafe, though Visual Cafe has some nice features.

Visual Age is often worthy of note for being the best Java IDE for developing large heavywieght projects with a team as opposed to single developers.

You will also find a number of comments for each tool though, as always, don't take other peoples comments as the word of god.

The best way to evaluate is to try out the tools if you can.

This is the best way to see how they work for you and though it may take some time to do (1-2 weeks) it could save you a costly mistake.

You can also note that JBuilder 2 Professional was given away on the coverdisk of PCPro or PCPlus this month (in the UK at least) so you can try out the full professional version of this tool for free if you can get hold of a copy of this.

I will check which magazine it was (have it at home) if this is of any use to you.
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It has come more than thrice in PAQs.
gmoriakAuthor Commented:
Thanks too to Jod, but I can only give the points to one of you.
That's OK - as long as the info helps that is enough reward for me, he says, with a halo shining from above my head.

By the way JBuilder 2 is actually on the coverdisk of Personal Computer World (not the other two) if you want to have a quick look at it before trying the latest version.

Sometimes helps to get a feel for an App like this.

Good luck...
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