Randomize function

How do I generate first  four digit number using randomize function in vbscript?
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I would use this as a basis. Modify it to suit your needs. There are some x-tras here that might be useful.

' Random Password Generator
' We needed a small password routine for our distance learning project.
' It is used to provide our users with new passwords upon request.
' This is not a high security algoritm, but still useful for
' smallscale user-databases.
' Howto later in code.
' The routine is primarily written by Jon Terje Kommandantvold.
' Some changes, bugfix and translation by Ragnvald Larsen.
' Bugfix as of 05.01.2000 from Mark.Vick@aventis.com
' Jon Terje Kommandantvold (jontk@svt.ntnu.no)
' Ragnvald Larsen (ragnvald@captech.no)
' Trondheim, Norway 05.01.2000
' Geografi paa Nett
' Dept. of Geography
' Norwegian University of Science and Technology
' http://www.svt.ntnu.no/geo/default-e.htm

'--Make string to numbers and initialize the random generator
Sub StrRandomize(strSeed)
        Dim i, nSeed

        nSeed = CLng(0)
        For i = 1 To Len(strSeed)
                nSeed = nSeed Xor ((256 * ((i - 1) Mod 4) * AscB(Mid(strSeed, i, 1))))

        Randomize nSeed
End Sub

'--Generates friendly passwords for remembering and pronounciation
Function GeneratePassword(nLength)
        Dim i, bMadeConsonant, c, nRnd

            'You may adjust the below constants to include local,
            'eg. scandinavian characters. This way your passwords
            'will not be limited to latin characters.
        Const strDoubleConsonants = "0123456789"
        Const strConsonants = "0123456789"
        Const strVocal = "0123456789"

        GeneratePassword = ""
        bMadeConsonant = False

        For i = 0 To nLength
                'Get a random number number between 0 and 1
                nRnd = Rnd
                'Simple or double consonant, or a new vocal?
                'Does not start with a double consonant
                        '15% or less chance for the next letter being a double consonant
                If GeneratePassword <> "" AND (bMadeConsonant <> True) AND (nRnd < 0.15) Then
                        'double consonant
                        c = Mid(strDoubleConsonants, Int(Len(strDoubleConsonants) * Rnd + 1), 1)
                                    'response.write int(Len(strDoubleConsonants) * Rnd + 1)
                                    'response.write "<br>"
                        c = c & c
                                    i = i + 1
                        bMadeConsonant = True
                                    '80% or less chance for the next letter being a consonant,
                                    'depending on wether the last letter was a consonant or not.
                        If (bMadeConsonant <> True) And (nRnd < 0.95) Then
                                'Simple consonant
                                c = Mid(strConsonants, Int(Len(strConsonants) * Rnd + 1), 1)
                                bMadeConsonant = True
                                    '5% or more chance for the next letter being a vocal. 100% if last
                                    'letter was a consonant - theoreticaly speaking...
                                'If last one was a consonant, make vocal
                                c = Mid(strVocal,Int(Len(strVocal) * Rnd + 1), 1)
                                bMadeConsonant = False
                        End If
                End If
                'Add letter
                GeneratePassword = GeneratePassword & c

        'Is the password long enough, or perhaps too long?
        If Len(GeneratePassword) > nLength Then
                GeneratePassword = Left(GeneratePassword, nLength)
        End If
End Function

'--How to use the Random Password Generator?
' You are  advised to randomize before each password generation
' If you are using a database with some generic ID you could
' add a seed like this:
'      StrRandomize rstUser("ID") & CStr(Now) & CStr(Rnd)
' For now we are using a time string and Rnd number converted to string:
'      StrRandomize CStr(Now) & CStr(Rnd)
' Avoid using the above combination in a loop on a fast server.

Some example passwords:<br><br>
Six letter passwords<br>

<%StrRandomize CStr(Now) & CStr(Rnd)
response.write GeneratePassword(4)%><br><br>

Eight letter passwords<br>

<%StrRandomize CStr(Now) & CStr(Rnd)
response.write GeneratePassword(8)%><br><br>

Ten letter passwords<br>

<%StrRandomize CStr(Now) & CStr(Rnd)
response.write GeneratePassword(10)%>

<%'Test of 1000 passwords.

'response.write "Testing with 500 passwords. Added wait-loop with randomizing.<br>"

'dim t, t2
'for t = 1 to 500
      'For t2 = 1 to 661
      'StrRandomize CStr(Now) & CStr(Rnd)

      'StrRandomize CStr(Now) & CStr(Rnd)
      'response.write GeneratePassword(6)
      'response.write "<br>"

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strRnd = Replace(Rnd(1), ".", "") ' assumed that your decimal seperator is .
strRnd = Mid(strRnd, 1, 4)
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