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C/C++ Code Formatting Tools

Would anyone who is familiar with any C/C++ Source Code Formatting tools please forward the names of the tools to me?  I am already familiar with Visual SourceFormat.  Points are available to anyone who provides me with a comparable tool.

We have a team of many programmers with diverse personal styles.  We need a tool that can format in the company standard as well as the individual styles.  So this tool needs lots of features or settings.


Keith Radloff
Feb 1, 2000
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mbormannConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello Keith,

Artistic Style by Tal Davidson is a good one but it's strange that it's not available anywhere! However if u need it I have some old C++ code & binary executable for Windows.

It's really fast.

Artistic Style is a fast and small open-source(TM) indenter
and reformatter of C, C++ and Java source codes.

has preconfigured styles (K&R, ANSI,
Linux, Java, GNU), and includes many major and minor
indentation/formatting improvements and additions.

gnu indent
kradloffAuthor Commented:
Thanks!  I had not heard of that one.  If its unavailable that may explain why. :)

do u wanyt the code and .exe's ?
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