I've got a bit of a problem getting a piece of software onto a CD-R...


A 140MB Zip file Containing:

1) About 1MB Setup executables and data.
2) A single 139MB DATA1.CAB file containing the application. (WinZip v7 does NOT allow this file to be opened, as it says it has an invalid header byte, but it installs correctly...So it means I can't split this file up)

The problem is: The computer that's on the Internet has a Zip(100MB) drive, but does NOT have a CD-R.

The computer that has the CD-R is not on the Internet, but it also has a Zip(100MB) disc drive.

I need to move this big file from one computer to the other, to get it on CD, but I'm not sure how.

Can I span the Zip file across 2 Zip discs using WinZip?

If not, is there a piece of software (freeware?) that allows a zip to be split into a user defined sized chunks, so I can get each chunk on a Zip disc, and then combine on the computer with the CD-R?
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You may need to extract the files and then recreate a new .zip, but winzip will span across disks, it is an option when you create the .zip. It`s on the left hand side of the page when you are stating the compression type, location e.c.t
Lab_RatAuthor Commented:
I know WinZip will span *floppies*, but somone said to me:

"The computer treats Zip Disc's like hard discs, so it won't let you span across them. Whats the point when you've got 100MB's on a disc?"

So until I get back to the computer, I won't know!

So can it or can't it?
Why don't you use the Iomega backup software?  It will span Zip 100Mb files.  Then on the computer with the CD-R restore it to a temp directory and work for there.  There is an update to the Iomegaware (to 3.1) at there website (www.iomega.com).

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Lab_RatAuthor Commented:
Muchos gratsias...
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