I can't find where to get info on setting up and configging my modem. It's a 56k voice fax and worked wit hmy W95 but I loaded over that nad now I want to dial up but th emachine says No modem is seen. I tried all the Dev's in setup but still nothing altyhough some say the modem is busy and another says that it is initializing the modem but it stays stuck therer until I quit the window.
Is there a hardware setup window or commands to set it up. I get nothing from the HELP onboard. It shows an error message about cannot find the file.

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GregCConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sounds like you have been hit with the "Winmodem" bug!
You may not be aware, but Linux does not support "Winmodems", although I hear that someone is working on a solution.  I learned the "hard way" also.
My solution to the situation was to try regular modem.
I believe that all external modems are supported as well as
most internal ISA modems.  Basically, if your modem has jumper settings on the card, you stand a really good chance of configuring it for Linux.  (Actually, I used an old ISA 33.6 modem, and end up with a faster connection than I did with my 56k Winmodem using Win98!)
See for modem info.
Setup on my Mandrake 6.0 was done using KPPP in KDE:
The main thing to keep in mind is that Linux starts device numbers at "0" as compared to Windows "1".
Example: "com1" in Windows = "cua0" in Linux.
Hope this helps!
If you need more info: please post your modem model and Linux distribution type.
joytonyAuthor Commented:
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