Dual boot Linux/Win95

I have a system with a single, currently blank 4.3GB SCSI
hard drive. I want to install Windows 95 and Linux (Mandrake 6.1), using approx. 1/2 the drive for each. Can someone give me a step by step on how to accomplish this?

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edskeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Make a DOS boot disk with format and fdisk on it.

Boot up, fdisk your drive, make one partition half the size of your hard drive. Format it. Install Win95.

Boot up off your linux bootdisks or the CD... use the linux fdisk utility to fill the rest of the drive with your boot, swap, and root paritions (if you need more info let me know)

Install linux, and set up your lilo (should be real easy with the menus) to set up a dual boot in lilo. For your windows partition, it should be /dev/sda1 (your first, windows, partition) then the second boot option should be /dev/sda<number> where the number is the # of the /boot partition you created.

It's all realtively simple. Just make sure you install Win95 first, otherwise it'll overwrite your LILO headers and you'll need to use a boot disk to get into linux to reset it.

Any questions? I know I was brief, but it really is a simple operation (assuming you are familiar with a linux and or windows install/fdisk/format/etc)
mibornAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the response. The only problem was that the install program would not let me install LILO (gave me a message that there was an error - no specifics as to why).

Where I'm at now, I can boot into win95 and can boot Linux, but only with a boot disk. Any suggestions?

Thanks again,
What was the specific error, and how excatly did you install lilo?

Give me the partitions for your drive (which is win95... /dev/sda1 I assume... and which is your boot partition... probably /dev/sda5...) let me know those I can probably write you a lilo.conf file, put that in /etc, run lilo and it should install.
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