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Replacing sendmail with qmail

Anyone here use qmail as their MTA? I am following the Linux Electronic Mail HOW-TO and some bits don't add up...

        Adding the aliases - ok I have done that (as it asks in /etc/aliases). Except it also states you must "create each of these in ~aliases" - what is that!? Does he mean ~/aliases or just /etc/aliases or
        in the /var/qmail/aliases aswell. And the other thing - there is no rc file under /var/qmail/*

        Any ideas the version of qmail I am using is the source distro 1.03

        Cheers again dudes!

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1 Solution

  I am using qmail under Linux as my MTA. Qmail does NOT natively support /etc/aliases - it needs the fastforward package (also by Dan Bernstein).

  As for ~alias - it is the home directory of the "alias" user, normally /var/qmail/alias. You can use it by creating a series of files there, named:


These files should contain the addresses of the alias, preceded by an &, eg to associate mixerfix@bam.bam.boom with fixermix@bim.bam.bom, put "&fixermix@bim.bam.bom" in ~alias/.qmail-mixerfix on the machine responsible for the bam.boom domain.

This mode of aliasing (i.e. ~alias/.qmail-*) will work with or without the fastforward package.

The rc files are contained in the base disctrib, but for the life of me, i cannot remember what they're called.
ooooops! NOT ..qmail-foo, but .qmail-foo (i.e. ONLY ONE PERIOD).
Jim2000Author Commented:
Hmm I see ya. How (like sendmail) can I get qmail to que mail and then send it when I logon to my ISP.

For example. Local (LAN) user Jim@100-Acre-Wood.com wants to send an external mail (NET) to foo@bar.net however, if Jim is sending a mail to Stuart@100-Acre-Wood.com (which is again on the local LAN) it should arrive at his in box almost instantly.

Will increase points if you give me a good answer.


No problem with that either...

serialmail (a package complementing qmail, also written by Dan Bernstein) allows you to do just that ;-).

I admit to not having used that, since I have a frame relay at home, but reports say that it works reasonably well.

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