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I am developing my company's Intranet and would like to find a way to replace a user's desktop with this web site.  I have tried using the Active Desktop feature but this only creates the page on top of the users desktop.  I want to complete replace this desktop with the web page and to set it up so the user cannot change back to the default desktop.
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The answer lies in whether or not you can "translate" an html or asp file to be a PROFILE...
What you want is to replace the Currently logged-on users PROFILE...which is nothing more than a set of shorcuts... hard-code(for instance) drop down menus and search forms into the wallpaper would be the real trick...
That would be sweet if it can be done..

seanfAuthor Commented:
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seanfAuthor Commented:
The thing is that I have almost complete with the development of the Intranet which took almost 4 months to develop.  As a means of forcing my users to utilize the Intranet for all employee related needs, published corporate info, policies etc, I want to, as mentioned, to compelted replace the Windows Desktop with this site. There has to be a way to do this.  Ponts increased as the more I think about this the more I feel that this would be kinda difficult to implement.  I am sure one of the experts can assist me.
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You will need to make API calls from the server using VB Script to interact with the Windows environment.  If you can give me more info about the client pcs I can help you set this up.  You will need a DLL installed on the server (I can put it on my FTP server for you) that will run an app on the client & retrieve the domain & user name. then your code can parse out just the user name. with the user name you can create your code to set the desktop paper

for example you are on NT, and your user name is QUser the path will be


You would save the image to save there

then you have to access the registry and set the desktop wallpaper to that image file

if you are the network admin, you would have to disable the display control panel to lock them out of changing the paper

as I said, if you can give me more info about the server OS & client OS I can help you set up the code
You can't use HTML to do this. You can use Pascal or the other program to write a program that can change Registry to set use your wallpaper and download the wallpaper file into the computer. Put a button that can open the program.
seanfAuthor Commented:
Does not answer my question.
Ok, so, are you looking to replace using a browser by using the windows active desktop feature for the intranet??

seanfAuthor Commented:
I tried using the Windows Active Desktop feature which does provide this feature but it does not completely remove the previous desktop.  A user will still be able to resize the active desktop window and have access to the normal Windows desktop.  This is what I an trying to avoid.  I need to find a way to completely replace the Windows desktop with my Intranet Site and set up the workstation so that the user cannot change this.  By the way, all my workstation are running Windows NT workstation 4.0 with service pack 4.
I know TweakUI, on the IE 4 tab there are options to enable/block the change of the active desktop...

they lead to the following keys:

Explorer "NoActiveDesktopChanges"

you may also be able to do the same in the policy editor (poledit.exe)

You can set the window size & then set the policy

try it and let me know if that helps!

padillrrIT  DirectorCommented:
The best way of doing this is by using a software product that was designed for just that purpose. It not only allows for the intranet site to run but also allows for realtime messaging much like AOL instant messaging. I don't know if I can mention the product on this site but we currently use it for one of our customers. I am sure there are other types that do the same thing. The product we use cost about 45.00 per license.
seanfAuthor Commented:
Come on "padillrr".  What the name of the software.  If you feel you cannot tell me through this medium, please send me an e-mail at

You can set a profile up on the computers and name it *.man.  This will force it too be mandatory.  In this profile you can set it to use the active desktop.  Then set the profile to not allow access to the desktop settings function.  We had to do this at AMEX.


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