Cost of 1 Weeks Programming

Hi Guy's,

What is the going rate in the UK for a program that took 1 week to write I mean what would  you guys charge a client.

When I say 1 Week I mean 5 Days Monday to Friday.

Interested to know what the cost would be in other parts of the world also.

Today the dollar is $1.61 against the £pound Sterling.

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CDN$75/h * 8 * 5 = 3000 Canadian Dollar = US$2100 /1.61 = £1305
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listening...  (good question!)
I guess it depends on the situation...

If it a piece of software designed specifically for a companies needs, then I guess a figure of around £2000 is not unreasonable.  

However, if it is a piece of software that you will be able to sell again to other companies, then the price should reflect that (maybe £200 - £500, depending on how many copies you think you will sell)

Also, the price of similar pieces of software should be considered, and these should affect your price also.

And then you have support, maintainance, consultancy and training costs which would probably be invoiced seperatly, and is usually where a lot of the mony can be made...

Thats what I think anyhow, others may disagree ;O)

i guess the question is wrong
it should be more sound
what cost a good pragrammer for a week, and this will be differ by regions and countries and continents.

also, i do agree with tim.

We charge £300 a day for bespoke stuff
In the Netherlands:
Fl. 150,- per hour >> Fl.1200,- a day >>
Fl. 6000,- a week (average)
3,5 pounds = 1 dutch guilder so:
1 week should cost £ 1714.

This is an average price for a VB programmer, Delphi and C++ are rated HIGHER !
I agree with "AttarSoftware". About £2000 for a week breaks down to about £50 an hour (if you work 8 hours a day). Some charge less - some charge more. It usually depends on things like your name (if you're in demand the price goes up), the language you are using (if there is a lot of programmers available for your language the price goes down), your location etc.

For programs that you sell to many customers the price usually reflects the value for the customer - not your programming efforts.

My tip is to try and see the value of your work from your customers position and charge what you think he/she will be willing to pay as a fixed price. More often than not you will get better hourly rates and you don't have to argue with your customer about what is chargable hours and what is not. When you estimate the cost: break down your project to as small pieces as possible and ask yourself how much time you need for each piece - MINIMUM and MAXIMUM. Then get the average and multiply by 1.3 - you will be amazed how close you get! The follow "AttarSoftwares" tip and charge about £50 an hour.

If you follow this tip, make sure to specify EXATCLY what will be included in your software so that the customer dosn't come back for more - for free!
make sure to specify EXATCLY what will be included in your software so that the customer dosn't come back for more - for free!

Also agree with the customer up front whether the project is a commission or not. If it is a comission they own the copyright to what you have produced and are there after entitled to sell, change or do whatever without telling you. If your sellling them the finished program then you own the copyright, can sell it to others and they have to contact you to make modifications... which means more cash later hopefuly.
In Kazakhstan (former USSR).
Delphi developers salary for 1(one) week (USD):

50 - usually
75 - good
120 - very good
more then 200 per week - impossible:)

Do not be surprized, it's true :(
hey, guyz!

here, in Uzbekistan we have
talanted programmers who receive
(this is not me ;-)

AswAuthor Commented:
Hi Guy's,

Thanks for all your comments they really helped.


Ps I don't think I would like to be quoting against you guy's in Uzbekistan.
The cost for one week should be excatly the maximum you think you could  purge from your employer , the dummer and richer the employer the more you charge...... 2000$ seems quite o.k though.

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AswAuthor Commented:
Just clearing the question.

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