Again...dependency files...

Well, I think I accepted the answer while the question is still pending. I would like to have more feedback on th matter.

Please tell me the step by step for deployment of an application. My program is working fine and OK. But the problem arises when I try to install in clients machine.
I really want the step by step thing. I am a bit of a fresh in this deployment thing. Running the application from VC++ is OK, not deployment time.

Please tell me the dependency files for release version. I think I am only using the dll for the debug version.

I have no where else I could go and ask. Pelase help.
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if you're using VC++ then you have a utility that shipped with it called Depends. this will break down exactly what libraries are being used by your EXE.

Good luck!!

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cheeonnAuthor Commented:
OK, so how do I go about using the Depends Utility?
That is why I need some guide to walk me through the whole thing.
I have not heard about it before - Depends Utility.
Please guide.
The easiest way is to drag and drop your EXE onto the Depends.exe (or a shortcut to it). this launches Depends, which in turn shows all the Libraries being used by the EXE...  From there all you need do is to make sure that your installation checks for these files and installs the ones that may be missing.
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cheeonnAuthor Commented:
OK, I went throught he Depends.exe. It gave me a list of dll's needed.
and many more.

Do I have to check every single one or is it enough just to include
MFC42.dll and MSVCRT.dll?

I am lost.
Take it easy. Some of them are "no brainers" for example, you KNOW that the target system is going to have USER32 on it and KERNEL32 and GDI32, etc, etc... the things that you are looking for are the libraries that MFC (Visual C++) is using to compile your application... for example MFC42.dll... might aleready be an enduser's system from another application, but no guarantee. So, check to see it is, if not install it. Most of the DLL's listed there are core windows libraries and will not to be distributed.
cheeonnAuthor Commented:
I'll come back to you later. Let me try it out in a "clean" machine first.
fair enough.. lemme know if you have a problem...
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