scanjet 3300c only scans once, then 2117 err msg

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scanner works properly if scanner lamp is off.  consequently, i can only scan once, and then have to wait for the scanner lamp to go off(15 min) or else have to reboot the computor in order to get the lamp to go out. if i push scan when the scanner lamp is on, then the "copy in progress" msg stay on , scanner doesnt scan, and a few minutes later gives me , "error 2117" msg and the printer outputs a blank page.

help pls!

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here is the reason for the lamp staying on it is normal operation

ISSUE: The HP ScanJet 3300C scanner light remains on after powering down the PC.

SOLUTION: Wait, the scanner light will turn off approximately 14 minutes after the last scan. If the light does not turn off after 14 minutes, Click Here and download the HP Lamp Controller Update for the HP ScanJet 3300C Series. After the file is downloaded, expand and run the executable file. For more information on this procedure, click "more info" in the Downloads and Drivers Web page.

SUMMARY: The scanner is programmed to turn off the scan lamp approximately 14 minutes after the last time the scan lamp was turned on. Even if the computer is turned off before that 14 minutes has elapsed, the scan lamp inside the scanner will remain on for the duration.

here is the fix for the 2117 error message

ISSUE: The scanner will install correctly and appear to be configured properly in Device Manager. When attempting to scan an "Undefined Program Error 2117" occurs.

SOLUTION: Listed below are some possible causes and remedies.

1. Check shipping lock

2. If the scanner is connected to a USB hub, disconnect the scanner, and connect it directly to the PC

3. Verify software version is v 3.0c or above

4. Power cycle the scanner, reboot and try to scan

5. Uninstall software and reinstall software in Safe Mode, or Immaculate Mode (see the HP support document titled "HP ScanJet 5100C Scanner Family - Installation Error ins0432")

try this solution also

ISSUE: When attempting to scan, one or both of the following errors appear: "scanner not responding error 2093" and/or "Unidentified program error 2117."

SOLUTION 1: Download and install SJ435EN.EXE, the USB Patch for HP ScanJet 4100C, 5200C, 6200C, and 6300C families of scanners, available at

The file can be found by using the Search feature of HP's Web site, or selecting the Drivers link; selecting your product in the drop-down menus that appear, and looking under Software and Drivers for your scanner.

SOLUTION 2: See the following:

Verify that the following files exist in the Windows\System32\Drivers directory:
If any of these are missing, they need to be extracted from the Windows 98 CD-ROM into the Windows\System32\Drivers directory (this can be done with the Windows 98 System File Checker).


NOTE: USBSCAN.SYS should be 9 KB. If any copies of this file are found that are larger than 9 KB, delete them and re-extract the file from the Windows 98 CD.


Verify that the following file exists in the Windows\Inf directory:
If this file is missing, extract it from the Windows 98 CD-ROM into the Windows\Inf directory (with WIN98 System File Checker).
Reboot the computer once all missing files have been replaced.

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