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I have a Canon Innovabook 200LS. The hard drive is failing, and I require a new one. What hard drives will fit it?
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The HDD you have is the only one I could find for internal but here is a site for external drives to be used on parallel port or PCMCIA
Hmmm great, one of those, half an hour looking on the manufacturers site before they will even admit they actually made it......

A standard 2.5 inch IDE drive should fit in there, but you need to get into the computers bios setup program to have a look around and confirm that it has an IDE autodetect option, or at least a user defined bios type for the hard disk. This will confirm if any drive will work or whether you need a drive with specific geometry.

There are some drive for sale at good prices here....

look down the page for the 2.5 inch drives, I have an idea that your model may be old enough to have some trouble with drives bigger than 500 Mb, if you don't have a drive bigger than this in, it would be best to stick with one of the sub 500 Mb sizes. If you have a desktop PC a worthwhile buy at that site is the 2.5 to 3.5 adapter, then you can use a 2.5 drive on your desktop to backup your files to it's harddisk, then re-write them to the new one.

If you don't have autodetect or a user defined type in the bios then the biggest hard drive you can use is the biggest one in the list of supported types in the bios. You can buy a bigger one, but trying to get the beast to see any more than the drive type it works with will be a pain in the neck.

You can set the nearest fit drive type, it doesn't have to match exactly for the disk to work at that defined size, IDE drives perform an automatic translation of cylinders/heads/sectors etc, so most will work with non-native settings. If you use the drive in your desktop though, install it in user defined mode and put in the exact same specs as you are using it under on your notebook, or you will get data errors. Likewise, try which setting works on your notebook before you do anything like format it on your desktop, since you need to format it with the right settings or your notebook will have trouble reading it.

well I hope that makes some sense,


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britboy1979Author Commented:
Thanks Roadwarrior. I've been trying to find out for ages.
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