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what is the difference between an simple java bean and an EJB?
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ramshakalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
       JavaBeans is the component model for java.
  Within the JavaBean Specification there are feathers defined such as events and properties.
  EnterpriseJavaBeans (EJB) also describes, among other things, a Java component model, but the component model for EJB is not the same as JavaBeans.

  With JavaBeans the emphasis is on allowing developers to visually manipulate components in a builder tool. To that end, the JavaBeans Specification describes in details the API and semantics for the inter-component registration and delivery, recognition and utilisation of properties, customization, and persistence.

  The emphasis for EJB is to detail a model for a "service framework" into which Java components can be portably deployed. Consequently, there is no mention of events, since enterprise beans do not typically send or receive events. Nor is there mention of properties, Customization does exist, but is not performed at development time using properties, but at run time ( deployment time) using a deployment descriptor.

  So they both are specification for component models, but one addresses issues of application assembly in a builder tool, while the other details a service framework into which component can be deployed.

   I think this answers your question completly.

What I have heard is this:
There is no similarity in the two other than they share the word "javabean" !!
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