Searching Accross Multiple Folders in a Joint Users Folder List

We run a Recruiting firm and have multiple users working with Outlook 2000
as the front-end, and Exchange server as the back end -
As expected, we received numerous resumes via e-mail and create many new
Contacts each day within an ever growing Contacts folder/sub-folder tree of
literally hundreds of subfolder representing clients, departments,
positions, locations, etc.

As we want a central repository for these Messages and Contacts, we could
either designate one user as the "central account", or as we have done,
create a fictional joint user account with Contact folder list and Inbox
with multiple sub-folders in both the Contacts and Inbox.

Typically, if you wanted to do key-word searches through your own Contacts
and Messages, you would select Advanced Find and then user the Browse button
on the Advanced Search Form to designate both the multiple folders within
the Inbox or Contacts tree to search, and whether you want to also search
through the Subfolders of those selected parent folders.

STRANGELY, and unfortunately, if you have added Additional Uses to be viewed
through the Profile setup in Control Panel/Mailbox, it will only let you
search ONE Folder or ONE Sub-folder at a time when searching on someone
else's Contacts tree or Inbox???!!!!!!

Obviously this is extremely dysfunctional for our purposes - or for anyone
in a group setting collaborating their information and needing to do a gross
search of the database.

Placing the Contacts into the Public Folders area still has the same
limitation -

Does anyone know a solution to this problem - We need to be able to search
across/down numerous folders and subfolders simultaneously - at time in the
Contacts tree and other time in the Inbox, which also has numerous
sub-folders for the many posting we do per position -

Clearly we don't want to duplicate the Contacts in each user's Contact list
as this would quickly blow-up the size of the database and present numerous
synchronization issues -

We have paid an MS programmer to build a VBA macro to search the Contacts
folder list, but it is quite slow and now we would have to build another one
to do key word searches of the Inbox folders -

Is there a work-around to this we (and Microsoft technicians) are missing??

Some suggestions that have been given to us prior to this posting -
Site Server
Team Folders
VBA scripts

Obviously we are looking for the most functional and least expensive
solution to cure what appears to be a strange programming limitation in
Outlook 2000
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There's something here that might help:
Outook 2000 has VBA support and they actually have objects & methods to loop thru just as you need!  if you have staff who write VBA, you can write a module to execute this.  there are LOTS of Outlook 2K VBA books out there for under $50 (very cheap!)

if you have any other ? feel free to email me
Best solution is to put all the shared data into Public Folders and use an index index server. That can be Site Server or one of the others I've listed at

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scarnsonAuthor Commented:
Thanks so much!!!
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