Remote login linux by using reflectionX

I have some win32 remote login apps
support XWindow such as reflectionX and extra. I tried to use them to logon to a linux computer, but faild.
I can use them logon to a solaris
How to resolve it?
Thanks in advance
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ohad23Connect With a Mentor Commented:
have a look at /etc/hosts.[allow|deny] and see if you allow telnet connections from the win machine.
if you want to give access to your server from everymachine in the lan enter:
in /etc/hosts.allow
  run xserver
   telnet remote-host

   # DISPLAY='';export DISPLAY
   # xterm -display &

replace remote-host with your remote host name and the ip address with the ip assigned to your pc.

this procedure assumes that you are using a local network connection; not dial-in.
Well... these are the settings I use with Reflection X connecting to a Linux server (as in your case):

Description: Whatever
Method: TELNET
Host Name: <your ip>
User Name: <your login>
Password: <your password>
Command: (/usr/bin/X11/xterm -fn 6x13 -sb -ls -display %IP#% &)


To check if there is some kind of connectivity, try changing the Command section to: xeyes, linuxconf, or any other visual application. And/or with the simple "telnet" app.

Another problem could be in the part of "Advanced...". Check that the words "login" and "password" appear exactly the way they are when you connect in a simple way (another terminal).

If I am right, just tell me for grading.


There might be number of reasons for this.

1. Display may not be set correctly
    ->   set environment variable DISPLAY correctly
2. xserver on linux machine does not allow any xsession
    from remote machine
    ->   login to linux machine by some other method and activate this
          the command for this is xhost
 3. the command xterm may not be available directly in the path and needs
    absolute path.

Please try to do the following command on the unix console after you have started the reflectionX:

xterm -display <ipaddress of your PC>:0 to see whether you see any window pop up on your PC.

If you see the xterm poped to your screen, this is the matter of rexec or rsh, then you should setup in the inetd.conf.

If you cannot see the xterm, it may the problem of the security setting under the reflection which does not allow other station to send a Xapps to your server.


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