Can 2 "NTBackup"s run concurrently?

We've got 2 tape drives (tape0 and tape1) on one Primary Domain Controller. Each works fine on its own when starting it from a DOS box
if I start a second NTBackup the same way for the second drive concurrently it just skips the NTBackup command. (It does the same with "ntbackup /?")

I also tried access via telnet using the "MS WindowsNT Services for UNIX":
that hung the first NTBackup ("Cannot write to tape drive") and made the second skip the NTBackup command as usual (it still did the initial "net use ..." and the "net use ... /delete" after the skipping). Starting only one NTBackup via telnet seems to be OK. (May be there are some problems with message boxes which might cause NTBackup to hang when no one clicks them)

Is that a known limitation or is there a way to bypass the problem?
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Tim HolmanCommented:
This is default behaviour.
Calling NTBACKUP from command line, start menu or wherever will first check to see if NTBACKUP's running, and then go back to that window if it is.
You can't have 2 NTBACKUPs running concurrently.
riemerAuthor Commented:
That's bad news - why does WinNT allow to install more than 1 tape :-) ...
I was dreaming of getting 2 backups done overnight (concurrently - sequential would be too slow)
Nt  is designed to allow you to use REAL backup programs ( Veritas Backup Exec, Legato etc ) that can use more than one drive simultaneously. NTbackup is a minimal backup program just to fill the sparsest requirement of saying NT comes with a free backup program. You can not run 2 instances of it.
 I hope this helps.

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