Locking components to frames (anchors)

This is perhaps a stupid question.
In Borland Builder it is quite easy to 'anchor' a component to the border of a frame, but I can not find a way to do it in VC6!

I have a CFormView that contains a CListBox. When I resize the view, the ListBox are anchored to the left and top border.. What shall I do to anchor it to another border - ie the right or bottom.
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map the OnSize of it and add the following code:-
CRect rect;
m_ListBox.SetWindowPos(here specify  co-ordinates as u desire);

hope this helps,

hey sorry map the WM_SIZE and try it
TricksterAuthor Commented:
Could you please give me an example of SetWindowPos parameters in the above code?
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TricksterAuthor Commented:
I tried using the above code, but got an 'DEBUG ASSERTION' on the line:


Any ideas?
sorry for that try this out.
m_ListBox.SetWindowPos(&m_ListBox.wndTop,10,theRect.top,cx-30,cy-25,SWP_SHOWWINDOW |SWP_NOZORDER);

In SetWindowPos I am using wndTop u can use which ever is useful for u

hope this helps


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TricksterAuthor Commented:
That worked perfectly. You helped me understand how it works..

Thanks a lot!
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