What does USB stand for and what is it?

Well..my question title says it all. what is usb and what does it stand for? How does it relate to the everyday computer user? thanks

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John KratzerCommented:
USB stands for Universal Serial Bus...It is a high speed UART serial port.

It is a newer version of the 9/25 pin Serial port.

It gives you the capability of higher speed conection to devices such as modems and digital camera's.

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USB= Unversal Serial Bus.

This is a new port that is to illiminate irq conflicks.  You can hook up to 125+ devices on the usb, and they all daisy chain with each other.

So you usb mouse would plug into your usb keyboard, that was plugged into your computer.

Imac is a major pusher of this idea, and so are the OEM companys. Compaq released the Presario EZ models. There 100% USB pc's.

It will be the next standard for all external devices.  No more parelle port, no serial ports.  Just USB!

Michael, pushing the USB!

next comes "firewire"
previous was to be a answer, but jkrztzer beat me to it! :)
John KratzerCommented:
Sorry Michael
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