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For some freak reason, i dont even have a fonts folder for lightwave.  I have the same problem as a previous user, but he didnt get a useful answer, so neither did i.  

In the modeler, i get an error message: "error creating text string, no fonts" I have looked around my files and in fact, i have NO fonts.  Can someone please look at his lightwave directory and tell me where the fonts files belong and what they should be called?  Thanks.
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sir_yodaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
it's at z:\newtek\psfonts\ !

there are 2 folders,


the fonts are in there. those fonts are
like postsript fonts or stuff .. do not mind, lightwave 5.0 (5.6 ?) can load
truetype fonts.

just open modeller, click the text tab
and type n (numeric) or click on the
"numeric" button.
you will be shown a menu where you can load fonts (type 1 or truetype).
just select truetype and it will show you all your tt fonts to chose.

once you chose that, you can use it for texts !

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