External Linux Modems

Does any external modem work with linux or is their a specific kind and what internal modems work well with linux?
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Yes an external modem works with linux. A modem communicates to the rest of your hardware by a serial port.
When you install your modem in linux you have to tell linux on which port you've installed it. Let's assume you have an external modem with a serial (9 or 25 pins connector). Then your modem is attached to /dev/ttySx, where x is the number of the port 0 for com1 and 1 for com2.

Beware for internal modems. Because an internal modem sometimes needs your CPU for tasks. These are mostly known as winmodems. But a "good" internal modem also uses a serial-port for communication, same as external.
(technically I would advise an external modem. Sometimes a modem hangs and for an internal modem the only way to reboot is by a PC-reset)

Hope this helps!
If you want more explanation, let me know.
(I hope I was not too enthousiastic..)

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cinderandsmokeAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your help, my zoom external modem worked fine. If I have any questions I would appreciate any help that you could give

No problem, just leave a comment or mail me directly (How can we exchange email-addresses without posting them here ??)
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