Installing Components from dcu-files

I'm using Delphi 3.0, and I have some 3rd party components which only include the .dcu files (no .dpk or .pas). I haven't been able to install them because Delphi gives an error when I try to build a package with them. The error is that Delphi cannot find the .pas file for the component, but I thought  that wasn't necessary. Does anybody know what the problem is?
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DrDelphiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Actually, you can install these into a package (assuming that they are compiled in Delphi 3) by creating a new package (File/New/Package), adding the DCU files and setting Explicit rebuild to false. This will work ONLY if the DCU files are meant for use in Delphi 3, otherwise you will get an error and a message saying that lines are being truncated, etc... if you do see that get out of it ASAP and DO NOT SAVE!! (not if you ever want to use that DCU in the right version of Delphi).

Good luck!!
hi red 2,

you must get the dcu-files for your current delphi-version AND release,
otherwise you've no chance to install this components.

contact the developer of these components

red_2Author Commented:
The dcu's are compiled in Delphi 2.0. Is there no way to make them work in 3.0 (other than rebuilding them from the source, which I don't have)?
Nope, sorry. Each version of Delphi compiles in a binary format properiarty to that version. Meaning that a DCU compiled in 2 won't work in 3, 3 in 4, etc, etc.. Your only recourse at this point is to obtain eithera Delphi 3 version  of the DCU or the original source PAS files.

Good luck!!
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