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When we create a source for Dll and compile it we get a .dll and .lib files,now when do we use .dll or .lib in our application ?
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When you compile a DLL you get also a lib that is used for early binding.

With the lib you can #include a file declaring the dll function, add the lib to your project and build. So you don't have to call LoadLibrary, GetProcAddress, etc. but you still need the DLL: when you run your exe, it looks for the dll using the standard search algorithm (first in the dir of the exe, then in system, then in the path)

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If you want to use .lib file you add in your project .lib file and include file for .lib . In include file declare types,function, classes , source code their be where in .lib file.
If you want to use .dll file you have 2 way.

1) use function LoadLibrary for load .dll in memory;
GetProcAddress for functions that you want to use;
and FreeLibrary for free memory and end work with dll.
It's evident call .dll.

2) Unevident .dll

You in include file use
#pragma comment(lib,"YourLib.lib")
Hi !!
  DLL is used whenever u want u r application exe size to be small.
There are 2 ways for linking u r DLL
1)Implicit linking
   Here while compiling u r application u give u r .lib file and include the decalration in u r application and call it as a normal function. The DLL has to be dumped in system directory. Because the default directory is set to that.
2)Explicit linking
  Here no need to have a .lib file when compiling u r application.
  But u have to use but u have to use LoadLibrary() to load the DLL and FreeLibrary() to unload the DLL. To get the pointer to the function u have to use GetProcAddress() and call the function through that pointer. This has more advantage than the implicit because u can load the DLL anytime and unload the DLL at anytime. But for the implicit linking the DLL will always be loaded with u r application.

Hope this helps !! any more clarification, always welcome
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