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I have a client who wants their monthly newsletter to arrive as an HTML page in the e-mail box of the recipient.  How can they create this?  And is there a way to automatically send a text-only version to people that can't receive HTML e-mail?

thanks much,
Bill Steffey
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You can use MS Outlook's stationary feature to send an HTML based e-mail.

This is an example from Outlook 98's menus, may have changed in OL 2000.
1) Create the HTML file
2) In MS Outlook, change your message format to HTML <tools>, <options>, <mail format>
3) Choose <stationary picker>, then choose <new>, then "use this file as template", etc....

Not sure about automatically sending a text-only version...
lucid7Author Commented:
thanks for the input.  still need to find out if there's a way to sniff out the recipient's ability to receive HTML e-mail.  thanks again! - Bill
Two things

1) why not send a html page as an attachment and if that person can
open up an *.htm or *.html page then they click it and open it -

Also send them the same e-mail as text therefore if they don't want or can't read the htm or html they can at least view it - and worse case they see the html as ascii characters -

2) I suppose you could write a cgi script that takes out html attritubutes leaving only text if in fact someone
has a text only e-mail
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nus959's solution will work, the text-only users will still be able to view the newsletter, they will simply not see all the formatting and the hyperlinks will not be active.
i don't really think there'd be a way to discover something like that very easily..... u can download mail from a pop3 server with any number of different mail programs......
You can send a Multipart/Alternative MIME message containing both HTML and text alternatives.  In fact, I think OE does this if you select HTML for the message type.  This way, users who have HTML capability in their clients will see the HTML and users who cannot will see the text.  Only someone who examines the message source will see both.

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lucid7Author Commented:
thanks jimcd-
all the answers were good, but yours was best.
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