Perl + NT Users

I need to make a logon script for the users wich logon in a NT domain.

I need to know if it's possible to know if the user who is logging belongs to a specific group?

So the srcipt should say:

if "usergroup" == "GROUP"{

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or on some machines/versions which only support the short version:

$)     or     $(
Win32::NetAdmin is your friend. If you don't have this module installed you can get it from

It offers two functions GroupIsMember and LocalGroupIsMember which test if a certain username is member of a local of NT domain group.

I was successful testing this against my own account using the code below for a local group check:

use Win32::NetAdmin qw(LocalGroupIsMember);

print LocalGroupIsMember("","Administrators","thoellri"),"\n";

Hope this helps

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PampaAuthor Commented:
Please send me the code because I try your solution and it doesn't works.
Do I have to include any Library?
Are you talking to me Pampa?
PampaAuthor Commented:
Toellri No, the comment was for Guadalupe....

I will try your solution today, thanks.

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