Are they bad and can you do without them?
If you delete them do they affect your computer?
I have tried to delete them to no avail, they seem to return all the time.
Perhaps someone will comment!!!!

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here is your answer as to what they do and how to get rid of them

This article describes the purpose of cookies, where they are stored by Internet Explorer, and how you can remove them from your hard disk.

Cookies are bits of information written to your computer about you and your visits to Web pages. Cookies can include the following types of information:

Custom Pages
The Microsoft Network custom page (The MSN) is an example of a large cookie. After you select the options you want for your Web page, the server writes that information to your cookie to retrieve when you visit the page at a later time.
If you visit a site that features a "shopping cart" of items you want to purchase, a cookie can keep track of what you put in your cart. If you need to leave the Web page, the items your shopping cart will be exactly as you left it when you return. This keeps you from having to fill the "shopping cart" again.
Tracking Visits
A webmaster can give you a cookie to track repeat visits to a Web page.
Cookies Locations
Cookies are stored in different locations depending on the version of Internet Explorer you are running.

Internet Explorer Versions 2.0 and 2.1:

Cookies are stored in the System Folder:Preferences:Explorer:Cookies.txt file. To remove any unwanted cookies, you can either delete the Cookies.txt file, or you can edit the file with a text editor and remove any cookies you do not want. Note that you may want to make a backup copy of the Cookies.txt file before you delete it.

Internet Explorer Version 3.0:

Cookies are stored in the System Folder:Preferences:Internet Preferences file. To remove any unwanted cookies, delete the Preferences file. This file is also used by Internet Config and may contain preferences used by other Internet-based programs (mail programs, news readers, ftp programs, and so on). Do not delete this file unless you are sure you have written down all of the settings.

Internet Explorer Version 3.01a:

Cookies are stored in the System Folder:Preferences:Internet Preferences file. To remove any unwanted cookies, follow these steps:

On the Edit menu, click Preferences.

Click Cookies under Receiving Files, and then click the cookie you want to delete under Cookies Settings.

Click Delete, and then click OK.

Internet Explorer Version 4.0, 4.01, and 4.5:

Cookies are stored in the System Folder:MS Preference Panels:Cookies file.

To remove any unwanted Cookies, follow these steps:

On the Edit menu, click Preferences.

Click Cookies.

Click the Cookie that you want to delete, and then click Delete.

Click OK

In Internet Explorer versions 2.0, 2.1, and 3.0, you do not have the option to decline cookies, nor do you have the option to be warned before cookies are downloaded to your computer. In Internet Explorer 3.01a and 4.0, you have the following options for handling cookies:

   Setting               Description
   Never Ask             Cookies are always accepted and you are never
prompted before a cookie is saved to your hard disk.
   Ask For Each Site     You are asked for each site whether you want
to accept or decline cookies from the site.
   Ask For Each Cookie   As each cookie arrives, you are asked if you
want to accept it.
   Never Accept          Cookies are never accepted and you are never

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braincassin, haven't you been here long enough to know not to post answers to questions.  this quesiton is not just asking for microsofts opinion, it asks for opinions of users.  posting an answer locks the question and stops the questioner from getting the feedback he wants


Are they bad and can you do without them?
Might get argued but: In my opinion they are bad as they allow the creator of a website to basically get all the information they want from your computer though they typically aren't used for things like that.  They can be used productively by websites to such as this one to get you logged into to a secure server or by corporate intranets for the same reason.  The point is, they can be good or bad but I do not enable them as I typically find it to be an invasion of my privacy.  You can do without them just fine if you don't mind not going to sites like Hotmail which require them.  I don't mind myself.

If you delete them do they affect your computer?
I have tried to delete them to no avail, they seem to return all the time.

No it doesn't hurt your computer, you will just have another one set the next time you go to the site.

If you disable the use of cookies in your browser, they will not be set by the sites and you wont have to delete them.  In internet explorer, you can disable them by going to internet options under tools in 5.0 or view in earlier releases and choosing customer security levels under the security tab.  In Neetscape, go to edit | preferences and click on the word "advanced" in the tree.  Then, on the right, choose to "disable cookies".

1cell you only said the same thing I did with your personal opinion.
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not to carry this on but:
my opinions are much different than the copied text from microsoft.  compare them and you should understand.  However, my point was not that my comment was better than yours.  It was just to keep the question open to allow the questioner the feedback he asks for with his question.
i think your just upset that I copied the text from microsoft :)
amazing conclusion, did you get help from your psychic friends network on that? lol

regardless, 88ycs, if you are happy with the proposed answer then accept it.  If you would like more feedback on the subject from other experts, reject the answer to unlock it.
ROFL pyschic friends network
88ycsAuthor Commented:
Hi Brian
I am using Win98, IE5.
The cookies are found in Directories
C:\Windows\Temporay Internet Files\Content.IE5.1
                  |23abajic            c
Why do they same name cookies in so many places.
Everyting is legit on my computer.  
Why do I get the feeling I am being watched??  The reason being that I have received messages from ??? about new versions of programs which I have deleted long ago.
I tell you it is a spooky feeling.
Cheers and thanks for the answer.


I know what you mean...

They name the cookies the same thing and put them in different places so it is a pin to get rid of them. that is basically why they put them in so many places...

I kno what you mean by the feeling of being watched however everyone is using cookies now it is sort of a cheap way of getting marketing info, since they can see everywhere you have been sine your last visit.

Some of the cookies do cause automatic mailings unfortunately if you have outlook you can setup rules wizard to automatically delete junk e-mail if you cannot get off of there mailing list by unsubscribing...

Unfortunately you can turn cookies off so that your are prompted to accept them but everysite use so many of them you will get the nice little confirm box popping up every 5 seconds which is very annoying

I think there may be some utilities though i saw on under there programs section that will take care of that auto popup confirm last time i remeber though the program did not work too well..
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