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I've made a couple of animated gifs for a web page, but they ended up fairly large.  I have Microsoft Image Composer.  What would be good (and inexpensive, since I don't do this oftern) software to reduce the size of the gifs?  They are basically 4 pictures that merge from one to another.
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pxlboxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1. You are probably using images that are large in and of themselves and could use further compression.  Use Fireworks to further compress (export) your individual images.   Like Photoshop 5.5, you can try out various forms of gif before you export so that you can see the size and quality of the image before saving.  This will downsize your files considerably (often an image that is 36 k can be brought down more than half it's size thru Fireworks).  Then re-recreate your animation.  You can download a trial version from www.  

2. You can also use Fireworks for your animation but it may take some time to learn.  Gif builder or Giffy are both freeware that are veryyy easy to use.  You can search for them online and download.  

Good luck!
Try GIF Construction Set. It is shareware and does an excellent job reducing file sizes.....  You can download it from

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Eric AKA NetminderCommented:
Another thing you might try, without having to get another piece of software, is to reduce the number of colors you're using...
go to;

and use their gif cruncher on your individual gif's before you put them together into an animation.

If you're gonna do a lot of them it would be worth purchasing the product.

Cheers - MorFF
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