Samba and NT - Network neighborhood

I have a small problem (i hope its a small one). I use a Nt server as PDC
and want to have access to services on my samba. I have used SWAT to create
the smb.conf.

My problems are: I can't see the Linux box in Network neighborhood, but i
can search for it and then I find it. When I try to access the share
"username" from my server - or winntwkst i get the message:

                                         \\linux\username    is not
                                            The network name can not be
found"  But i can see the share....? help!!

I guess this is a browsing problem, but i dont know what to do.

But i can access my public share - for some reason......

Her is my smb.conf:

# Global parameters
 workgroup = DOM1
 netbios name = LINUX
 server string = Linux Server
 interfaces = <IP-ADRESS>
 security = DOMAIN
 encrypt passwords = Yes
 null passwords = Yes
 password server = NTserver1
 log level = 0
 log file = /var/log/samba/log.%m
 max log size = 50
 socket options = TCP_NODELAY SO_RCVBUF=8192 SO_SNDBUF=8192
 load printers = No
 add user script = /usr/sbin/adduser -s /bin/false -g popusers -c
 os level = 10
 local master = No
 dns proxy = No
 wins server = "a winsserver on the NTserver1 (ip-adress)
 create mask = 0755
 hosts allow = NTserver1

 comment = Home Directories
 read only = No
 browseable = No

 comment = All Printers
 path = /var/spool/samba
 print ok = Yes
 browseable = No

 comment = Public Stuff
 path = /home/ftp/pub
 read only = No
 guest ok = Yes
And her is my last question: I want my users to map up to their homeshare:
like this:
"net use L: \\linux /home". But at the same time I want them to be able to
map to
"net use P: \\NTserver1 /home". Is it possible to have two homes on two
different servers??
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jblandroAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points to 60

I'm kinda confused about one thing.  You say the linux box doesn't show up in network neighborhood, yet you say you can see the share.  When you search for the linux box you find it.  Fine. That's all you need if you are going to be net use'ing directly.

- Have you restarted the smbd and nmbd daemons?

- Have you created accounts on the linux box for each user? They don't passwords in the /etc/passwd file, but they do need entries for uid and gid.  This assumes the NT PDC is maintaining authentication info in its SAM.

jblandroAuthor Commented:
Sorry if i have been "unclear". I search for the linux box. Then i double click it - and then i have access to the public share.

I have not created accounts on the linux box. When a user try to access his share - the username is beeing created - instantly (only first time)I found this out just now - by using the "net use l: \\linux\%username%" command.

I have restarted my deamons - probably too often - with the command:
/etc/rc.d/init.d/smb stop
/etc/rc.d/init.d/smb start
Should i make the linux box a local browser master? The NTserver1 is the PDC.

Thank you for responding
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No, you don't need samba to act as local browse master (unless it is on a seperate subnet from the NT machine, then absolutely yes).

Next thing I'm not clear on.  In the original post, you said you couldn't access the share //linux/username.  Do you mean you could not see it in the list of shares available?  If not, then in smb.conf [homes] change
   browseable = no
   browseable = yes

jblandroAuthor Commented:
I could see the share under Network Neigborhood (after I searched for the linux box) but I had no access. The share name was the same name as my username.

Now the confusing part is that I have allowed some of my 150 users to try to use samba resources,(log in trough NTServer1 (pdc) and use the net use command) and it works - somehowe...
first the [homes] share should not be browsable since you want only the specified user to be able to acces it.
second, add a line under [homes] path = /home/%u, this will map the [homes] share to each user home dir and he will be able to map it in win??.
Actually, the browseable option applies only to the [homes] share in the generic sense.  IOW, homes will show up in the browse list, not the username.  The [homes] section is a special section that samba uses to create shares on-the-fly.  It is based solely on who you are coming in as.  Thus, you cannot see someone else's home share.  It doesn't open up any serious security holes, per se.  As the dynamic user share is set up, samba assigns the browseable option based on the global, or default, value of browseable.

I guess I wasn't clear in my post, but I wanted to see whether the homes share was showing up.  Thinking about it now, I see it would not be useful information.

Also, the path option is unnecessary unless you want the [homes] share to use something OTHER THAN the user's default home directory; taken from /etc/passwd.  This is usually /home/%u anyhow.
jblandroAuthor Commented:
Thank you for commenting.

 Now my main problem is to get the linux box to show up in the Network neighborhood. What must i do in the smb.conf to make that happen? As far as I have understood - it has to show up - if im goning to map the users home shares...??

No, I don't think it HAS to show up in the NN.  If you can net use it, or assign it from explorer, or find computer (then assign), then you're good to go.  As you probably already know, the NN is just a convenience for those who don't know what hosts are available and what shares they provide.  If you know this already, you don't need NN.  I very seldom worry about giving clients browseability, since they usu. have a very well-defined and specific need, like home shares.  Assign it to a drive and keep truckin'


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jblandroAuthor Commented:
Thanks for helping..

Ill be back with some more difficult question later - guess. Sendmail.... :)
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