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Is there anywhere were I can register a domain name for free, or do they all have to be paid for? If so, who's the cheapest?
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bitschConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If depends on which domain names.

The usual .com, .org and .net -names can all be registered for free - but you still need to pay the $70 fee for two years of registreation to the InterNIC.

Perhaps you can convince someone to waive that fee if you buy some space at their webhotel - I haven't heard of any.

Check out:

- and MANY others.

Most registrars will also park your domain name for free.

If you want to register a foreign name - for instance a .dk (Denmark) or - you'll have to contact the hotmaster of that "top level domain" to find a registrar in that country.

Check out for a complete list.
There is no charge for the .us names.
you can try
it give free domain name with a banner at the bottom of your domain name. You don't have to pay anything.  But it take a while for them to register domain name. If you want to know the free domain going to look like try

also, consider, there is no charge for the xxx.  They are at
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