How To Work With Registry With Regedit?

hi again...i've been told that, generally speaking, i should never touch my Registry using the regedit program. but i'm slowly becoming knowledgeable and would like to learn more about regedit and when/why/how i might use it. isn't most of the "fiddling" with Windows done using the msconfig applet (autoexec.bat, config.sys, win.ini, etc.?  thank you!
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Some is done using the MSCONFIG but there is still alot of tweaks that you can apply in the registry to fix problems and make the computer run smoother. Here is a good site with some info:
Win98 make a backup of the registry everytime it boots up "normal" and by default keeps the last five backups for you. You can change the number of backups Windoze keeps (by using REGEDIT and changing a setting) but for most people 5 is enough. What I am trying to get at is if you happen to make a mistake (if you are careful you shouldn't) then you can restore an earlier backup.
Tweakui is a program that lets you "Safely" edit the registry.  It is part of the resource kit.

You would not normally use regedit without knowing up front what you want to do and how to do it.  This knowledge could come from:
A knowledgable support person.
An article from a reputable magazine.
An "expert" (from here on EE or elsewhere)
A good book on registry tweaks.
A MS TechNet article.
Instructions in a hardware or software manual.

To learn yourself, try searching the MicroSoft Knowledge Base for "regedit".

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As you can see Registry entries are backed up ,and can be restoresd if you get into trouble.

Go fo your life, investigate what you can do by changing entries, but be carefull in some areas that affect operating system parameters.
if you change things you may not be able to restart windows.

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