I am using Windows'98.Can I hide a program that is running on my computer.
For Example When I start Calculator i see it in my task manager.I want to hide Calculator from my task manager.
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j2Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You can hide it from the taskbar ( , but NOT from the task manager.
There is no way you can hide an application from the task manager as it is the software that keeps track of all the applications active in memory.
An easier way would be to creat a shortcut to calculator on your desktop and close it as soon as your work done.
Furthermore, why would you want to hide the calculator anyway?
you can hide it from the task manager / task bar etc etc..... but you have to make the actuall program do it, an external program can not do this....

 function  RegisterServiceProcess(dwProcessID,dwType : DWORD) :
                      DWORD; stdcall; external 'KERNEL32.DLL';


that will do it... BUT you need programming knowledge, and it can not be used on an external program.... but Hiding the Calc.exe from windows from an external program is a dodle...  <<sorry for not zipping it up, i use it for me all the time... (its not something people can download if they go to my site)

Just use the F keys to get hold of handles and things, and press the buttons on the program... its a programmers tool...
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