Converting .ps to .jpg/.gif

I know that Photoshop can convert .ps to .jpg, but was wondering if there were any cheaper alternatives.  Our only purpose to buy the $500+ package is to convert .ps files.  Seems like an expensive way to go to just convert files.  Wondering if there were other converter packages or cheaper drawing package that can convert .ps to .jpg/.gif
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Photoshop files are a proprietary Adobe file format. Not much else can read them. So your answer is probably to buy Photoshop LE which is the uber cheap version thats missing a bunch of features but will certainly convert to JPG.

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when talking about ps files are we sure that they are actually PhotShop files and not postscript files. Surely the photoshop files would be tagged with the extension .psd
Postscript files would be tagged .ps

Might change the propsed answer

(this is based on the Mac version pf Photoshop, not sure about the PC version)
Paint Shop Pro can open native Photoshop files. It can convert 40+ file types, it's alot cheaper (I use PSP 5, about $50.00), and very efficient.
kevshAuthor Commented:
Photoshop LE is the cheapest package I can find to do what I need thanks!
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