Where do I go after Solaris 7 is installed?

I have installed unix but have no idea how to configure my modem or setup a login account. Is there a book out there that can teach me to be my own system administrator that is in language that is reasonably understandable?
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     Congratulation!  It's not a suprising fact that after the installation, I once don't know what is next.  Perhaps you show at least think about what you want to do with the machine (with solaris installed).  Most people install any OS, for a purpose, such as daiy work, testing, or even to get it runnin as in internet server (web, ftp, mail, etc.).  To get a head start, consider your interest.
    Perhaps the most common place to look is the Solaris Documentation itself.  The AnswerBook (what SUN called for the On-Line documentation) comes together with the Solaris 7 media.  Install the package SUNWabe, and a few other packages as a first thing to get some information on SUN Solaris.  It's a good tool. (in fact a very good reference material).
    Sun AnswerBook comes together with it's own AnswerBook web server.  Once every component is installed, open up Netscape, or HotJava, and go to the following URL http://localhost:8888.  Frome here I bet you must have plenty of things to read.
   Regarding the modem installation, Solaris 7 comes together with its own PPP client and daemon.  But the problem is, I think (personall) just almost impossible to get it to run.  But, not to worry, you can check out this web site http://www.stokely.com.  The is a link regarding the Sun Serial port.  And you are running Solaris 7 x86 right.

   For other application, please check out, Sunsite (http://metalab.unc.edu) or SunFreeware (http://www.sunfreeware.com), or even Sun website.  They should have plenty of info on what can you do with the Solaris.  Hints:  Checkout StarOffice.  They are pretty cool.

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ok, I would suggest getting a good Unix Sys Admin book.
I recommend the following :

UNIX System Administration Handbook
 by Evi Nemeth, Garth Snynder, Trent R. Hein

It is more general and not specific to any unix flavours but that should
be able to get you started on unix administration.

you can check it out at Amazon.com
I got the 2nd edition... and I think the 3rd edition is due to be out
in March.

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