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I am currently installing a linux router that will split our network into 4 different subnets.  The goal is to seperate traffic and be able to manage those subnets.  However, it is also important that we will be able to browse workgroups through despite these subnets.  Is creating a WINS server on one of the computers and setting all the windows/macs/linux boxes to use this WINS server?  If not, what can we do short of installing a domain controller?  This is mostly a peer-to-peer network and we really don't want to install a domain.

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svindlerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Installing a domain controller won't do you any good with regards to browsing across subnets.
Instaling a WINS server or using nmbd on a Linux box as the WINS server is the answer.
If you specify the wins/nmbd-machine as the wins-server, it can be on any subnet.
If you don't want to specify it on all clients (maybe using dhcp), the server will have to have an interface on each subnet. It could be the router as well, if you want it to be. You will also have to make sure that no other pc's try to be the master browser on any segments.
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