Sybase 11/Solaris 2.6 Table Creation Problem

I'm running Sybase ASE system 11 on Solaris 2.6.  After a fresh install of the server software, I'm able to create all objects in my database.  After I shutdown and recycle my machine then restart the data server I can create any object in my database EXCEPT tables.  Creation of tables in both 'master' and 'model' is permissable, but when I try to create a table in my database I get the following error:

Server Message Number: 11202

Unable to create table '####' because it has no remote storage location defined. Creation of local user tables is allowed only in the master and tempdb databases.

How do I resolve this error???
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I had answered this type of question some times in the last year.

To resolve this , you need to check couple of things such as :

1. SYBASE variable is set correctly.
2. ASE was booted as user sybase.
3. dsopt1 file is existing in $SYBASE/install directory.
4. SHLIB_PATH variable is set to $SYBASE/lib.

After following the above checks  and if does not work, give your next attention to the following :

dsopt1 & dsopt2 may be missing on your server or installed incorrectly. You may need to install these files on your  $SYBASE/install directory from Sybase installation CD-rom and restart the server.

I hope this will resolve your problem.
Please note that if your ASE version is 11.5 and above,then you may need to consider the files dsopt1 & dsopt2.
Thanks ..
wcampb_ellAuthor Commented:
Applied the changes to Solaris and checked /install directory for dsopt1 and it exists, but the problem still remains the same...
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Please check the permission for the $SYBASE/install/dsopt1. The file should have read permission,if does not have then give read permission and reboot the server. Again have you checked your variable settings ? I will suggest you to reset the variables as mentioned in rejected answer and reboot the server and if this does not work,probably dsopt1 file might have corrupted while copying,might need to restore.

Thanks ...

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wcampb_ellAuthor Commented:

I still can't get this to work.  My /install/dsopt1 file has all accesses (777) and my .cshrc profile file looks like this:

set SYBASE = opt/sybase
set export LD_LIBRARY_PATH


Is dsopt1 file on $SYBASE/install  ( /opt/sybase/install)  directory ?
Is Server started with sybase user login ?


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