Secondary Monitor?

I recently installed a Twin Turbo 128 M8 video card in a PCI slot in my Mac G4 to drive a second monitor (17 inch). The card seems to work okay because the monitor comes on and I can move images to its desktop, however, I don't know how to change the resolution.

When I installed the software for the Twin Turbo and tried to access it through the control panel (the way you would normally change the resolution with the card), I got a message that said a Twin Turbo card was not detected. I assume it located the main video card that drives my primary monitor.

My question is, how do I change the resolution on the secondary monitor that's using the Twin Turbo video card?
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I don't what the system says is not there.
Try this
             Anytime you install a new graphics accelerator card or move
                                   your graphics accelerator card into another PCI slot, you must first
                                   open the system's 'monitors and sound' or 'sound and display'
                                   control panel. This will allow the Macintosh system to properly
                                   recognize the TwinTurbo card. If this does not work, you might try
                                   removing the TwinTurbo M8 upgrade and TwinTurbo upgrade files
                                   from system folder extensions. Next, double click the TwinTurbo
                                   Gamma loader before restarting the system. If the problem still
                                   persists, try plugging the monitor into the Mac port on the back of our

That's from the horse's mouth. If you need more go to
Hope it helps you.
If it was me, I would first double check and make sure I plugged the monitor into the correct card.  If it is definitely the right one, reboot and check it again.  If the software installed properly, it should work fine.  If it still doesn't work, try reinstalling the Twin Turbo software.....
BoingomanAuthor Commented:
Yep, it's plugged into the right card. As a matter of fact, when I open the Monitors control panel will show a window in both screens to adjust the resolution for each one. However, the maximum resolution option for the secondary monitor is only 640 X 480.

That doesn't surprise me because I know you have to use the Twin Turbo control panel to normally adjust the resolution settings on their cards.

I also have reinstalled the software a couple times and it didn't change anything. Oh yeah, and I manually removed the TwinTurbo M8 Upgrade and TwinTurbo Upgrade files from the extensions folder.

However, I haven't tried running the Gamma Loader. I'll do that after I send this message.

centerv: Do you work for IXmicro? Please don't take this the wrong way, but what's with your tech support? I've poured over the FAQ's looking for an answer to this problem and finally decided to call tech support. After being on hold for over an hour (2 different times) I finally left a message. That was a week ago. 3 days ago I decided I better send e-mail - still no reply. Your 800 number doesn't work and all the regular phone numbers go to voice mail for EVERY department I tried to contact.

Again, I really do appreciate your help here and you probably don't have anything to do with IXmicro's tech support problems, but I thought you would like to know why I had to post my question here.
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BoingomanAuthor Commented:
The TwinTurbo Gamma Loader is located inside my Start-Up folder in the system folder.

When I double-clicked on it, it looked like it was going to launch, but nothing really happened. I re-started my Mac and tried opening the TwinTurbo control panel and, again, it told me a TwinTurbo PCI card can not be found on this Macintosh.
Sorry for the late response. ISP went down for a while.
You're in the right place for support.  No, I don't work for IXMicro. My experiance has been that if it's not listed on the company's (anyone of them)  tech site, their phone support is a waste of time.
 Rarely do I bother calling them.It only re-affirms my beliefs about them.
Re your problem, do check out the above ref.  The question to that answer is
 "Question: Before I restarted my Mac, the resolution was set to 1024
                                   x 768. Now it is 640 x 480. How do I save my resolution setting on
Not exactly what your situation is, but it should lead you in the right direction.
BTW do you have the latest software/drivers? Just a thought!!
Good luck.  
Perhaps it's the second monitor that's confusing the TwinTurbo software. Can you try unplugging the monitor that's not hooked up to the TwinTurbo Card and then run the Twin Turbo control Panel?
What happens when you switch the monitors around (i.e. swap the connections so the one thats on the Twin Turbo card now is connected to the onboard video and the one thats connected to the onboard video now is on the Twin Turbo card)?  Can you change resolutions then?
Owen RubinConsultantCommented:
I too used this card and had a similar problem. Here are some of the steps to take to see if you can fix it.

1). Have you tried resetting PRAM?
2). If you open the Monitors & Sound Control panel does the second monitor show up? Can you do an Identify and see the 1 and 2? If not, the system does NOT really see the monitor properly. If yes, its the monitor or cable.
3). On the Control Strip, when you click on the Resolution or Color button, do you see settings for more than one monitor? This is the same as above. If the system really sees a multi-sync monitor, it will show multiple settings, EVEN if only one choice for the second monitor.
4). The obvious: is the second monitor a multi-sync monitor? Can it really display more than one resolution?
5). Can you change the number of colors? You may have insufficient video RAM to support the number of colors and resolution on the monitor.
6). You may have a bad video cable: The Card and Mac determine what kind of monitor you have by reading the pins  on the cable. If the video cable you use has bad, missing or unconnected pins, the Mac can think the monitor is a single resolution monitor.
7). Lastly, Did you look for an upgrade to the Control Panel Card? This could be a G3 problem and the software is not compatible.

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BoingomanAuthor Commented:
Thanks. The problem was the adapter attached to the cable. It turns how it had "hidden" dip switches that were controlling the resolution.

Unfortunately, I still can't use the TwinTurbo software to adjust the resolution, but now that I know about the dip switches, I can set it to my preferred resolution and just leave it alone.

I'm scoring a 'B' on the answer because it was actually the adapter that was causing the problem and not the cable. However, the reason I thought about the adapter is because of your expanation about the bad cable and how the Mac might think it's a single resolution monitor.

Thanks again everyone!
Owen RubinConsultantCommented:
Additonal note:

Sorry, I did not know you had an adaptor or I would have JUST listed that as the reason. Sounds like a PC monitor connected via a PC to Mac adaptor. Unfortunately, many of the adaptors only pass ONE resolution because of the way they work.

There are adaptors where you can indicate to the Mac that a multi-sync monitor is connected. If you are game, you can try experimenting with the settings of the switch and you may be able to get a combination that allows the system to switch resolution. You might also see if a better adaptor is available. I have multi-sync PC monitors attached to Mac's and they do work fine.

Good luck.
BoingomanAuthor Commented:
Thanks orrubin for the follow-up. I will look for another adaptor and see if I can find one that allows me to switch resolutions. Although, I have to admit, I won't be changing the resolution of my secondary monitor very often, so I might just leave it the way it is.

It sure is nice to have a secondary monitor hooked up (with the right resolution) so I can put all my Photoshop pallets on it and use the main monitor for the image I'm working on.

For anyone that's thinking about doing the same thing, I highly recommend it.
Better yet, get a video card that doesn't require an adapter ...   :)
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