Tracking IP addresses

I'm looking for some type of utility the will help keep track of IP addresses. This utility has to be able to tell how long an IP address has being use.

Now here is the catch, I don't want to run a dhcp server.

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Steve RoseCommented:
Here are a few I would check out in the order listed.

Network Sonar
from SolarWinds
Home page
Here are the steps to network discovery ...
1. Create a Discovery Database
All the discovered information is automatically stored in a database. You can chose either SolarWinds Network Sonar database format or Microsoft Access database format. By using a database, you can easily analyze or export the discovered information for use in other programs. (Excel for example)

2. Specify the SNMP Community strings used on your network
Network Sonar relies heavily on SNMP. You specify a list of community strings used on your network. Network Sonar will then automatically use this list of community strings to discover which community string is valid for each device it discovers. You don't have to specify a community string for each device ! Network Sonar handles that for you automatically.
And yes, Network Sonar can also discover devices that do not support SNMP.

3. Discover the subnets on your network using a seed router
The next step is to build a list of subnets. You do this by giving Network Sonar a seed router. A list of subnets for your network is built by scanning the route tables on the seed router.

4. Select which subnets to include in your discovery
Once you have a list of subnets built, you will need to tell Network Sonar which ones should be included in your network discovery. Simply check the box beside each subnet you would like to include. Or include them all !

5. Discover the network !
That's it !  Start the network discovery !


A perfect tool to keep track of the traffic in Ethernet LANs. It gives an overview of the actual behavior of each segment. NetControl works on the basis of MAC- or IP-addresses and IP-services. It stores daily station- and group-statistics in html- pages, ready to publish them with a web-server. It helps to identify "unknown stations" on the network. You will see which external station (IP-address) is accessing your Intranet, which service was used and which stations or servers where involved. Bigger LANs can be completely monitored by distributed equipment. NetControl generates graphic images in GIF format for all measured network parameters.


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Tim HolmanCommented:
Why don't you want DHCP ?
This is by far the simplest solution, unless you've a damn good reason not to use it !
What are your reasons for doing this ?
Maybe there's another way.
ovillaciAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help!
Steve RoseCommented:
I have worked on a few networks where they refused by customer request not to use DHCP.

These are usually security issues. DNS servers are not dynamically updated with Host to IP or IP to host info unless you are using a third party DNS and DHCP server such as Checkpoint Software's Meda IP. I have worked on Networks that had as many as 10K clients and all IPs except remote users logging on with secure ID cards and VPNs had hard coded IPs.  It made tracking user activity and actually knowing what machine was being used much easier.

DHCP makes it real easy for anyone to add a system to the network. With hard coded IPs they have to know what IPs are free, and if they guess wrong their folly is quickly detected. If managed correctly manually assigning IP addresses can make this a difficult task because unused IP can be refused access to the Network.
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