installing linux in new machine.

I have linux installed in my old hp7055.  I just bought a hp 8565c.  It seems i am gonna have to swap modems to get linux online.  My question is:  In my new system its a combination modem/soundcard.  Can i just take out the modem, or do i have to swap both?  In my old system i have a soundblaster 16 32/64 awe, and a creative flash 56k V90.  In my new system i have a Rockwell hcf 56k modem and a riptide soundcard.  Is the cards in the old system better then the new?  Should i even swap at all?  Thanks in advance.
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laeuchliConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The hardware will allow you to swap, and you should have no problems if you load the drivers right. I don't think that either one is better then the other, but you might get a small difference between the two depending on where you are living. I don't know why you are switching,(win modem maybe?) but you should have no problems.
patrickhinckleAuthor Commented:
I have not tried to switch yet.  I was told it was a winmodem.  but i really am not sure.  Thanks for the info.  I will try it with this modem.  and see if it works..
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