DirectX 7.0

just want opinions as to if it is worth the upgrade. But more importantly if there is problems that have been coming up after upgrading.
You people out are on top of this kind of stuff, need your input as I just can't make myself upgrade to this version yet.

I am running Win98SE, 27gHD, 128ram, nVIDIA RIVA TNT2 w/32mb on card and TV out.

Thanks all
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   It's not necessary to upgrade it, but if you really want to upgrade it, it's OK. I use directX 7.0 also on my computer, and so far it cause no problem at all
nailoAuthor Commented:
Not that I won't end up giving the points, but would like to get as many opinions as possible. especially problems that may have been experienced.
Added features that new games support and in some cases, needed for the latest release video drivers.

I haven't experienced a problem with it. If you buy a game that needs DX7 then it should be on the cd.
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Many new games require DX7 as netmage has stated. Not only that but many users of NVidia cards have claimed that they have gotten performance increases after installing DX7 along with the latest video card drivers that are provided by NVidia.
DX7's main improvments are in the Transform and Lighting support which is only available to GeForce owners currently.

But, as sandman said, main new games will upgrade it for you because they need it.

I have had no problems with it... my overall graphics performace has increased by about 10% with it...
Im with CoolAss when he says that games run noticably faster. C&C Tiberium Sun worked appaling badly (jerkness) with DirectX6, but is smooth in DirectX7.

My suggestion is that if you have the ability to upgrade to it (i.e. on a CD or get it over a LAN), do it, and if a game requires it then you wil have to install it.

Otherwise, its up to you really. Its about 7MB in size and downloadable from most places so you will probably find a fast internet site to get it from.

Windows 2000 comes with DirectX 7.

Neither me nor my flaymate have had any problems related to DirectX7, and between us we do a wide variety of games (flight sims, 1st person shoot, god sims, etc).
Ugrading from DirectX 6.1 to 7.0 has fixed problems for me more so than caused any. I used to get a DDraw Help file crash after playing Toca2. Although this seemed like no big loss, if I tried running Toca again it just gave me a black screen with no response.
Now I don't get the error any more.
I do some programming in DirectX too. And I can say that the API for programming is better in 7.0 than the one for 6.1.

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Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Not only do I TOTALLY agree with the positive statements to upgrade, but will add that I've just updated from 7.0 to 7.0a using Windows 98 and WindowsUpdate to find that performance is even more improved.... this includes sound, graphics and response in games.

The added functionality, added stability, added support for video/sound AND the improved DirectX diagnostic routines from

DirectX diagnostics

since that great tool can do in-depth analyses of all your multimedia components and provide detailed reports and recommendations as to what's certified, etc.

Each new upgrade, in my experience, has delivered added stability, support and improved execution time (improved performance).

On the one hand, folks feel if it isn't broken why fix it?  On the other hand, when one examines the function of DirectX and back-level support; one must conclude that there's more of a downside to not upgrading than there is to upgrading.  Especially for DirectX; such a wide system wide influence.

nailoAuthor Commented:
OK, great !!! i'm convinced to upgrade. Now help me out here, who do you think should get the points, (not many I know) or was I to darn cheap for these great opinions of everyones.


Thanks Nailo
Up to you man... whoever helped you the most.

If these were 250 points instead of 25, I might try to fight for em. :-)
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Totally your call, Nailo.  I'd say whoever served you best to make your decision.
nailoAuthor Commented:
Ok, since this question was for opinions and advise, which again I certainly do appreciate from all of you.
I could not pin point anyone person, as it wasn't a problem solving type of question where an answer cured it.
So, I did it the American way, I dropped all names in a hat and the Wife put it out.

Thanks to all once again, I upgraded last night with no problems, yet to run a game but will this weekend.

25 points going to                       ajmcgarry  (luck of the draw)

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