Motorola ClipOn Sync to Mac via Virtual PC

I'm running Virtual PC/Windows 95 to be able to sync the Motorola ClipOn Organizer to my G3 Series Powerbook which is PC compatible only.  I have installed the required TrueSync software and configured the ports with appropriate din8 Mac serial port to db9 PC serial port adapter cable.  But no dice.  Alternatives PLEASE.
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mavidaAuthor Commented:
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Owen RubinConsultantCommented:
Have you properly set the Serial ports in Vitrual PC? Under EDIT, PREFERENCES there is a setting to set which COM port on the PC goes to which Serial Port int he Mac.

Next, if something on the Mac is trying to use the same port, it fails (even though it should not according to the docs). If you are using the printer port, deselect any serial printers on both PC and Mac, and make sure Appletalk is not trying to use that port (Control Panels, AppleTalk settings)

Lastly, it is possible that you need a "Crossover" cable for the serial connection. There are Printer Serial Cables and Adaptors for the Mac which pass the pins straight to the appropriate pints, and Modem cables and adaprors which cross over transmist and receive (the old pin 2 & 3 on a modem serial cable.) This is the most likely failure.

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