ethernet card

I will be installing a cable/modem connection to my computer.  The cable company wants to know which ethernet card to supply.  They gave me 2 choices, each choice has 3 initials, something like ISA, or PCA.  Do you know how I choose which ethernet card?
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The choices should be ISA or PCI,the choice will be determined by the age of your PC although most new PC's have provisions for older hardware (ISA) I Have the the cable modem set up at home too (definitly the why to go)Tell them that you are unsure which you need and that they should bring both. The main reason I say this is when the tech came to install mine all he brought with him was the ISA and we could not get it to work right so he had to reschedule  and come back with a PCI card (a week later) to get it to work. Hope this helps  
You should tell them to bring the PCI, it's suitable for almost every computer.  To you it doesn't matter which they bring as long as it's a quality card.  I recomend 3Com.  They're very reliable.
Tell them to bring one of each type,
just in case your motherboard has no PCI slots which are unused.
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Hello i am wayne from sydney australia i hope i can help I agree with other comments about the cable modem is the way to go. Regarding the ethernet cards one thing is Important "plug and play" a plug and play card is essential I assume you are using windows 95 or 98 Tell them you want pcI .If you are installing the card yourself plug and play will help you. If they are installing the card for you depending on the age of the computer unless its a  early 486 or an early pentium your computer should have a PcI slot. Isa stands for Industry Standard Architetcure that was the early standard for computers Pci stands for Peripheral component Interconnect and basicaly it removes the bottlenecks on the computer and lets the data travel through the computer at its fastest speed .To sum up go for Pci .hope that helps regards wayne.

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Install the card yourself, save a couple bux.
This is probably too late but go with Otta.

Or if you know how to open your computer and look at the slots that the cards go into.  White ones - slots - are PCI and black ones are ISA.

PCI better and recommended if you have a free PCI slot.
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